A note on the content of my work:

With Book 1.5 in the Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance series set to release on Friday, I've put some thought into how to give readers, and potential readers, information on what to expect in each of the books in the series: namely, content reviews, or content advisories, or content warnings, by their many and various names and forms.

Based on current industry standards, I've decided to move the content reviews for each of my works onto my website.

That relies upon readers, and potential readers, to look at the content review for each work before buying, so this is your heads-up that you will now find that content here, rather than at the beginning (or end) of each book. A reminder of where to find the content reviews is also now at the top of the series matrix that lists other types of content information for each book.

I haven't made this decision lightly. My initial plan was to place the content reviews at the back of each book, with a link inside the e-book and dedicated content warning page at the front of each book, to direct readers who wanted that information up-front to go look at it before reading. The feedback I received was that most people wouldn't stop to read that warning anyway. So I moved it to the front, only to hear that most readers don't want the potential spoilers and that publishers have gotten concerned that listing the potential concerning content up front poses some other challenges.

So, as of this time, I have opted to follow the current wisdom and remind readers at the outset that it's up to them to take responsiblity for their reading choices and to know what they find disturbing, and to avoid those things. You can do that with my work by visiting the Content Review page on my website.

One further note on the content of my work: My intent in my work is to depict realistic and complex, and oftentimes flawed, characters dealing with complex relationships and life circumstances, amidst a fantastical world full of romance, magic and the music industry. The situations depicted are not intended to be particularly dark, nor angsty, nor are they intended to present a fully escapist reality in which nothing unpleasant or challenging ever happens. The main characters will all get their happily-ever-afters, but they will earn them, sometimes through emotional and other life challenges. I really hope you find their stories all the more compelling for that, and their happily-ever-afters all the more worth savoring.

These characters are all, in some respects, friends of mine. They're imaginary friends, but ones I cherish all the more because they've sprouted from my imagination. They're far from perfect, but I like to think there's something admirable and worthy of appreciation in all of them. (Yes, including Declan.) Watching them work through their challenges and grow, to become even more the people I see in them, and to find happiness, is an amazing thing. And I really hope you, the reader, come to feel the same kind of affection for them that I do.

As always, thanks for reading!

-- Aislinn