'Cheating,' and content reviews

I've added an explanatory note to the Content Review page (access via the aMUSEd Series page), so that we're all using, or at least sharing an understanding of, the same vocabulary when discussing the series. Specifically, the term "cheating" seems to have somehow developed a much wider range of definitions than I ever realized could exist.

As several scenarios in the series could be (and have been) perceived as "cheating" by a subset of readers, I feel this is important for potential readers to understand. I want all of my readers to be comfortable with the content they're reading, and if your definition of "cheating" is much more expansive than mine, chances are you aren't going to enjoy these books. And that's fine. To each their own.

My note on the Content Review page is much more extensive on the subject, so please read it if you have any concerns at all about content you might read in the series. Thanks!


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