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Here Comes the Sun — Hunter & Brighid  (February 2022, Newsletter subscriber free exclusive)
Here Comes the Sun cover

• Best-friends-to-lovers (eventually)

• Sweet pre-romance pre-prequal short story (character age 6-7)

Good Golly Miss Molly  — Molly & Logan (March 2022, Newsletter subscriber free exclusive)
Good Golly Miss Molly cover

Fated match

• Insta-love

Fast burn

Series prequel novella

Once Upon a Dream  — Hunter & Brighid (May 13, 2022)
Book cover for 'Once Upon a Dream' Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance novel by Aislinn Archer, featuring long-haried man playing electirc guitar next to a microphone

• Best-friends-to-lovers, Part 1

• Slow burn

• Fated match

• Series kick-off novel, including the aMUSEd backstory (main characters ages 15-25)

• Part 1 of Hunter & Brighid duo, cliffhanger ending leads into Dream Weaver (an interstitial scene is included in Down to the Sea)

Dream Weaver  — Hunter & Brighid (July 14, 2022)
Dream Weaver cover

Reality dating show


Fast burn

Fated match

Comedy of errors

Concludes the Hunter & Brighid duo

HEA (happily-ever-after ending)

Down to the Sea  — Alternative POV, Brighid (June 17, 2022) (interstitial novel, takes place between Once and Dream Weaver, spoiler alert!)
Down to the Sea cover

• Friends with benefits

• Fast burn

• Age gap

• Opt out if you don’t want to know what happened off-the-page. You won’t miss any of the core Brighid & Hunter story arc or main series arc. (Includes an interstitial scene after the epilogue of Once Upon a Dream, which serves as a prologue to Dream Weaver)

Smoke on the Water — David (Oct. 7, 2022)
Smoke on the Water cover

Fated match

Medium-fast burn

Suspense/thriller element


• Note: This book is a standalone in an interconnected series. The story overlaps with portions of Dream Weaver, and those wishing to avoid spoilers may want to read Once Upon a Dream and Dream Weaver first.

This story also overlaps with the author’s Mystic Beach Mysteries contemporary fantasy series and includes potential spoilers for the first book in that series, Safe Harbour (due out in early 2023). But that book’s story will be reshuffled in subsequent books, so it is not necessary to read Safe Harbour before Smoke on the Water, or at all. (But once you read Smoke on the Water, you may really want to read Safe Harbour to get answers to its mysteries.)

Remind Me — Declan (winter 2022-2023)
Remind Me cover

• First-love, second-chance

• Slow-medium burn

• Kitchen magic

• Enemy-to-lover (one-sided)

• Bad-boy/rockstar reformed

• Secrets revealed

• Fated match


• Note: This book is a standalone in an interconnected series. The story overlaps with portions of Once Upon a Dream, Dream Weaver and Smoke on the Water, and those wishing to avoid spoilers may want to read those first.

• This story has two bonus scenes that are available exclusively to Mystic Beacon newsletter subscribers: “Building a Mystery” is available with Remind Me’s release. “Centerfold,” a bonus steamy short story, is also now available. Neither is integral to the story, but they should be read after reading Remind Me, as unanswered questions will be addressed.

Mad World — Rhys (2023)
Mad World

Single-parent, widow

Slow burn


Drawn to the Rhythm — Kieran (2023)
Cover image placeholder, Coming Soon

• A hidden past

• Trauma survivor

• Suspense element

• Fast burn


Carry Fire — Alex (2023)
Cover image placeholder, Coming Soon

Romantic rivals

Recovery from trauma

A hidden past, secrets


Spooky — Brighid & Hunter (Newsletter subscriber free exclusive bonus, October 2022)
Spooky novelette cover

• A 48-page Brighid & Hunter novelette (read after Once and Dream Weaver, and Down; includes no spoilers for subsequent books)

A spooky mystery, Halloween fun, birthday surprises

• Even more HEA

Building a Mystery (Newsletter subscriber free exclusive bonus chapter for Remind Me, Jan. 6, 2022)
Building a Mystery

• A bonus chapter for Remind Me (Spoilers for Remind Me: read after Remind Me; includes a teaser, but no spoilers, for Mad World)

• Answers the magical mystery of how Callie’s phone wallpaper got changed

• New insight into two characters

Centerfold (Newsletter subscriber free exclusive bonus short story for Remind Me, Jan. 13, 2022)

• A 24-page Declan & Callie short story, takes place after Remind Me (Spoilers for Remind Me: read after Remind Me)

• A steamy birthday surprise

• Even more HEA