Series roadmap and matrix

Series matrix

Hi, everybody! Now that Book 1 has been released and with Books 1.5 and 2 up for pre-order, I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the series roadmap and matrix, which is located on my website, under the menu heading “The aMUSEd Series.” This is where you’ll get an idea of the release order, anticipated release dates and the content of each story in the series.

This includes which band member is featured, what the themes/tropes of each book are, whether they’re fast-burn/slow-burn, how spicy they are, whether there’s a happily-ever-after (HEA) or happy-for-now (HFN) or some other kind of ending (there’s only one of those), etc.
I don’t want anyone going into one of these books anticipating something other than what they’re getting. As much of a heads-up as I try to give in the blurbs and descriptions on Amazon, etc., sometimes people just don’t realize. And the last thing I want is a disappointed reader, even if I’m trying to keep spoilers to a minimum for those who just want to follow along with the story as it unfolds.

So, please, if you’re at all stuck on particular tropes as no-no’s or must-haves, or if you’re a sweet romance reader and a spicy one gives you literary indigestion — check out the matrix.. If you have particular concerns and want those concerns addressed before you buy the book, just e-mail me. I’m happy to do that for my readers and potential readers (just don’t share any spoilers).

One final note for today: I’ve made a choice with these books to not fall into stereotypes with my characters. The ladies vary widely in body types and personalities, like real humans do; the guys are (admittedly) all physically attractive, but in different ways, and they tend to lean away from the overbearing-hero stereotype. (Yes, even Declan and Mace.) Strong personalities are in evidence for some, but these characters are all very complex people with complex histories, and they don’t always make the obvious or best choices. Every one of them is flawed and has some growth yet to do, even once they’ve sorted out their love lives. (Yes, like real humans.)

If you want a perfect guy who’s just been lurking in the wings to show up on a self-assured, established lady’s doorstep and sweep her away to paradise after a minimum of bickering and drama, I’m not the author for you. And I’m fine with that. I want happy readers. If I’m not writing what you enjoy, I’ll wish you well and hope you find what you enjoy reading in another author.

But I hope you’ll give my characters a real chance to come into their own, because at their core, they’re all as real as I can make them, despite the fantasy of the rockstar life and the magical context of the series. I’m not ever aiming for angst, but I want these complex, flawed people to each get their own shot at a HEA and for the reader to savor that all the more for knowing what it’s taken them to get there. I hope many of you will enjoy taking that journey with me, and with them.
As always, thanks for reading!

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